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Implementing a Content Strategy

We research your industry, learn about your company and study your audience to ensure effective targeting and engaging content. The content we produce for you will always be original, insightful, unique to your business and appropriate to the platform it is being created for. The content we create help businesses to grow their online presence, brand engagement and connect with their target audiences.

Amplifying Content with Rich Media

Social media marketing services perform best when they are well integrated across channels. Video content is very effective on social media and offers more reach and engagement than standard photographs or text posts. We help you maximize the impact of your content by developing rich media in the form of slideshows,  explainer videos, testimonial videos, highlight videos and animations.

Digital Marketing 

An effective digital marketing strategy, when executed correctly will generate leads for your business, engage your audience, increase your local and online presence, expand the reach of your content and position your brand highly among your peers.

At BizBooster, we realize that digital marketing is a fast-changing game, and if we have to win we have got to stay current. We want your business to be more successful by making use of the most relevant digital marketing channels. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our digital marketing strategy, and hence we work closely with your business to create bespoke strategies suited to your needs and requirements. Our Digital Marketing service starts with research. We research your industry, learn about your business, study your target audience and recommend the most appropriate digital marketing channels and the most effective and engaging content to suit your business.

Social Media Management

It’s not just about being social. It’s about integrating social media into everything that your business does.

Social media can help increase your customer base, give more exposure to your business, establish your brand identity, and make it easier to find and generate new business. Successfully using social media accounts is a result of publishing “planned and unplanned” content.

Social Media is an ever-evolving medium, so we are constantly updating our process to make sure you get the best Social Media marketing service.

Our Social Media Marketing package starts with the building of a social media strategy to identify the best social media channels and the appropriate content strategy to suit your business. Activities included as part of our Social Media package are,

Content Curation

Regularly Gather information relevant to the business


Catchy and relevant content to attract attention

Graphics Production

Right sized image and animation to suit social media channels

Post Scheduling

Create a social media post schedule to regularly post content

Cross-link Messages

Post across different Social Media channels for maximum impact


Report on the effectiveness of posts and campaigns

Boost Social Media Package

At BizBooster, we will build a modern, sophisticated and effective social media management strategy that will enable you to reach out to the right audience, encourage them to follow you and help to grow your business and increase your revenue!


from Rs. 5,000

per month

10 posts per month (6 Graphic posts, 4 Video posts)
Upto 4 social media accounts
Content development for all posts
Post scheduling
3 month Contract
Large scale posting contracts also available

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimising a website for search engines (SEO) allows your customers to find you when they search for your products or services online.

SEO isn’t an instant marketing solution. It takes great skill and time to take effect and builds results that are solid, stable and important long-term factors for the growth of your business. An effective SEO strategy involves optimization of content, optimization of website architecture and accessibility and the propogation of external links to your website.

Our low cost, monthly renewing, no contract SEO package will get you more visitors, boost your sales and save on your marketing costs.

Using a mixture of well rehearsed SEO tools and techniques, we are able to bring huge rank boosts for your website. If you have a new website we highly recommend making use of our SEO package to give your business the best chance of success.

Website Alignment

Based on analysis and research, we undertake a number of tasks to align your site to suit SEO best-practice. These include,
Changing Title Tags
Changing meta descriptions
Fixing canonical issues
Assessing linking architecture
Creating sitemaps

Link Building

Increasing the number of quality back links to your website helps to improve your site’s authority, your search position and most importantly the amount of business your site generates. We create backlinks to your website from social media sites, web directories and business specific sites to increase traffic to your website.


We continuously assess the update of changes and the success of changes through the analysis of visitors to your website, through keywords increase in Google, through backlinks analysis tools.

Regular Reporting

Our SEO package provides regular reports to enable you to keep track of the progress being made to improve the rank of the website. Detailed analytics of the visitors to the website and the popularity of the pages in the website will enable your business to focus your marketing efforts towards the most popular products and services.

Boost SEO Package

At BizBooster, we use an effective SEO strategy that includes On-Page, Technical and Off-Page SEO activities to give your business a full-powered boost and gain maximum benefits from search engines.


from Rs. 4,000

per month

Upto 4 keywords
On-page optimization for upto 6 pages
Back links
3 month Contract

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively new and effective way of increasing your brand’s digital presence across multiple channels. We can create and publish engaging content for your business aimed at improving search ranking or to stimulate brand engagement. As part of our content marketing service, we create a content strategy that defines the road map that will be followed. The content strategy will include keyword research to link relevant keywords to content, target audience and target channels to create content to suit audiences and channels and a content calendar to plan the release of new content over a fixed time period.

As content marketing specialists we know what it takes to engage your target audiences in the most effective and efficient ways. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our content strategy, and work closely with your business to create a customized strategy that is best suited to your business. At BizBooster, we provide a comprehensive content marketing service that includes SEO Blog Writing

  • Press Releases
  • Promotional Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics
  • Video Snippets
  • Bite-Sized Graphics for Social Media

from Rs. 500

Online Advertising

Paid online advertising is the quickest and most controllable way to get your business in front of people who are looking for your products or services. Whether you are looking to raise brand awareness, increase traffic, launch a new product or get more sales, then a online advertising campaign should be a part of your strategy. With an online advertising campaign, you will see instant results, and you will know exactly what return you have got for your investment. 

One of the biggest benefits of online advertising is the instant results you will see, and as everything can be easily tracked, you’ll know exactly what return you have got for your investment. 

At BizBooster, we will take a look at your business, target market and overall goals, and recommend the most effective channels and tactics to use. These could include:

  • Search advertising – on Google or Bing
  • Remarketing – advertising to people who have been to your website before
  • Display advertising – on the Google Display Network or with third party providers including programmatic display advertising
  • Social advertising – on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest & Instagram
  • Video advertising – on YouTube & other platforms

from Rs. 500

Maximize your Business Exposure

We can help your business grow using an effective digital marketing strategy