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Grow & Evolve

Great things grow from small beginnings. Get the benefit of a platform that makes your online shop stand out from the crowd and provides you with everything you need to sell online. eCommerce development at BizBooster provides your business with all the tools necessary to sell online and enables your business to grow and evolve.

Technology that lasts

The technical delivery of an eCommerce website is its most crucial element and requires a high level of development skill and knowledge of the latest and most advanced technology. BizBooster is highly experienced in strategically choosing the right technology stack that can power your eCommerce website for many years without further investment.

Designs that Sell

eCommerce websites should be designed to convert visits into sales. Visitors expect that their online shopping experience is engaging, intuitive and easy to use. At BizBooster, we are well-versed in balancing the key factors of a good eCommerce website that will entice visitors, offer multiple opportunities to sell to increase conversions.

Support for Growth

eCommerce websites require constant attention to protect the site from malicious attackers, respond to growth in visitors and secure all data stored within the webste. Our comprehensive eCommerce maintenance program ensures that your eCommerce website is working at its best and customers can feel confident in interacting with the website.

eCommerce Website

We design and build fully functioning ecommerce websites. With SEO optimised database output as standard, stock and customer management, related products, customer reviews, discount codes and all other features that are essential for a modern eCommerce platform.

Every ecommerce website that we create is designed and built to your exact requirements with no limits on the number of categories or products that you can list and a range of off-site payment gateways for integration.

We provide full content management functionality to update product listings and technical support for the life of the website.

The perfect eCommerce platform for selling online


With our eCommerce website development package you can offer an unlimited number of pages, categories and products with multiple images for each product. Each product in your catalog can include multiple variations for sizes, colours etc. Our pricing mechanism is based on the number of product pages which makes it possible for you to add additional product pages after the launch of the website keeping the initial startup costs low.


Content that is accurate and comprehensive is essential to influence a purchase decision by a website visitor. Up-to-date information about the product and FAQ based on previous customer queries help the visitor to make an informed decision. Our eCommerce website development package includes the development of content for product pages and other website pages. A detailed content management tool is also available for you to update content whenever you wish.


We can integrate a range of off-site payment gateways based on your business requirements. We will be happy to recommend payment gateways that offer the lowest fees based on your product costs and estimates of order value. We will work with your preferred provider to configure the eCommerce website to accept online payments.


Included with package SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a web security feature that will help to protect your website and show users that your website is ‘safe’ to use. It helps to build trust with your visitors and reassures them that your website is secure. We believe that SSL security is hugely important and that everyone should make use of it to protect users from illegal activity and cyber attacks.


The reputation of an eCommerce website is built by timely order fulfillment. Our eCommerce website development package provides real-time status updates on orders with access to customers and sales reports. A real time order book allows you to dispatch and auto confirm orders with your customers, provide up-to-date information  to your customers about the status of the order and handle issues and returns.


Track stock automatically for each product or product variation to give your customers an accurate view of product status before placing the order. Our eCommerce website development package provides stock management features to provide you with stock level alerts and to automatically stop selling products or hide products with no stock.


A crucial strategy for the success of an eCommerce website is the use of an appropriate domain name. We will help you to select a relevant domain name for free as part of the eCommerce development package.


We provide unlimited storage and bandwidth along with stable and reliable hosting to ensure that your eCommerce website is always open for business. All your business’s information, including products, customers, orders and stock levels are automatically and continually backed up.

eCommerce Website

starting from Rs. 25,000


All of the above features plus

Social Media pages (Facebook Linkedin and others)

Support & Maintenance

Daily backups

Custom Development

We also provide a fully customizable eCommerce Website Development service to include any specific and unique business requirements for your online shop. We have an abundance of expertise and experience and we can deliver solutions to all of your complex requirements.

Discount Codes
Reward Points
Delivery Charges
Abandoned basket recovery
Forecasting & Reporting Tools
Integrating with the other software platform you use
Blog Development
Regular Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media accounts management

Mobile eCommerce

Boost conversions on your eCommerce website by providing a mobile application wrapper for your online store. A mobile app will provide your customers with a convenient and easy to use platform to interact with your online store. Your business can take advantage of in-app push notifications to advertise discount offers and latest products to boost conversions. At BizBooster, we provide a quick and easy lost-cost solution to convert your eCommerce website to an Android or iOS mobile app and enable you to take advantage of both the online and mobile platforms to generate orders.

Online Marketing

Increase sales and conversions by marketing your eCommerce website online and social media channels. By creating awareness about your products you can draw visitors to your online store and prompt them to convert. At BizBooster we can create an online marketing and promotion strategy for your eCommerce website to drive visitors and increase sales. Using a combination of SEO activities, search engine ads, display ads and social media ads we can track visitors to your eCommerce store and re-target visitors to push them to convert.


We have a robust process for delivering high quality eCommerce websites at an affordable price.


Sign Up

Sign-up to our eCommerce website development service and we will discuss the various features and options you can include in your online shop and help you make an informed decision.



After you sign-up, we will discuss your requirements for listing products in the online shop, explain the latest design trends and arrive at design goals for the eCommerce website. We will also collect from you any existing logo, designs, images and prduct information.



Based on your inputs and discussions, we offer multiple design options for the eCommerce website along with images and draft content. Following a review of the design we will arrive at the final design for the website.


Once the design is agreed, we will start building the different components of the eCommerce website, hosting, product listing, shopping cart, payment gateway etc. You will start to see your online shop coming to shape.


While we are building the eCommerce website, we start testing all the features of the online shop. Our ecommerce website testing encompasses functionality, browser and mobile compatibility and user experience testing. The issues we find, once fixed, invariably result in greater sales, increased conversion rates and a more positive user experience.



After all of our testing is complete and you are satisfied with the development of the ecommerce website, we will launch the eCommerce website and put together the final pieces including search engine submission, social media integration, SEO activities and visitor tracking


Managing a website can be complicated. We focus on your website through regular, pro-active maintenance and monitoring so you can focus on achieving your marketing goals. Our job is to keep your site working at its best for your customers, perform daily backups and generate visitor reports and statistics.


We are continually involved with your eCommerce website and offer support and maintenance to update your online shop to add new features, fix any bugs and support your content management activities. We also regularly review your visitor statistics and suggest ways of improving your website visibility and ranking.

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