Introduction Video for the KASSIA Center of Excellence & Innovation

Corporate Video


Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA) is a premier voluntary state level non Government Institution of Small Scale Industrialists. KASSIA wanted to showcase their latest project the KASSIA Center of Excellence and Innovation to dignitaries with information about the project and its importance in the current industry scenario, the activities that will be taken up by the centre, costs and funding and the current status of the project.


BizBooster developed an Infomercial with full details about the KASSIA Center of Excellence and Information to include, the objectives of the project, benefits to the industry and unemployed youth from the completion of the project along with detailed project informatin, finances and progress photographs.

BizBooster started the process with the development of a story board followed by the development of the voice-over script and finally the integration of stock footage, photographs, graphic elements, background music and voice-over to produce an Informercial about the KASSIA Center of Excellence & Innovation.

Key Features

  • Development of Storyboard and discussions
  • Voice-over script writing
  • Voice-over recording and processing
  • Assembling relevant stock footage and photographs
  • Infomercial Video with all graphic, audio and video elements

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