Web Applications


24/7 Access to a System that Grows with You

Our Commitment

Application on every device

Web applications that are accessible by anyone with an Internet connection and a responsive design that displays the applicaton perfectly on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Responsive design is a standard feature in all of our web development activities.

Benefits of a cloud-ready architecture

With a cloud-based service, every time the software is updated or improved, users immediately have access to the new version from any connected device. Using a web app also avoids the hassle of having those users download and install an application. Reduce costs, scale and strengthen business operations with web applications

24x7 access to your business

Users can connect anytime and from anywhere and get the access they need. Customers can make purchases, external suppliers and contractors enjoy better communication, and your staff always have the up-to-date information they need.

System that grows with you

The demands of your users and customers are constantly changing. Generic, off-the-shelf packages cannot provide new functionality. Our customized software naturally adapts more easily to your future challenges and our long-term, dependable support is cost effective and hassle free.

Web Applications

Software is considered one of the most important areas associated with your business. It has the ability to increase productivity and cater for scale and growth, giving vasts amount of flexibility and improved efficiency to business operations.

If you are looking to increase staff productivity, handle changing demands, generate custom reports, work more efficiently, or improve your businesses core functions, then a bespoke web application may be right for you.

At BizBooster, we have designed & developed a range of web applications including process control platforms, ERP platforms, billing systems and business databases that are at the leading edge of web application development.

How we Build an Ultimate Web Application 

Strategy Drives the App

We will design and build an app that revolves around your business strategy. Our team will take a consultancy approach to understand your requirements, evaluate your needs and come up with a solution that will truly achieve your objectives for the present and the future.

Watch your App Develop

We follow an inclusive application development process, which means you will have front-row access to the application as we take it through multiple cycles of incremental development and testing. You can continuously try out the system and provide feedback that will enable us to build a better application for your business.

Top Level Design & Creation

At BizBooster, we are extremely passionate about the user experience, our team will design a stunning user interface that will compliment your brand design and also excite users of the application. Our user experience guarantee will ensure that every input, swipe, button and feature will meet all your requirements and work smoothly for your users.

An App that Works

Rest assured that we will test and test the app throughout the development process to ensure perfection. There will be no glitches and every tap and click is right on target.

Go Hybrid

At BizBooster, we build web applications to maximize user acceptance. To suit an increasingly mobile-friendly workplace, our web applications can be extended cost-effectively to operate through mobile phones and provide the same user-friendly experience.

A No-Nonsense Promise

App Development can be a highly confusing affair with many jargons, technologies, platforms etc. At BizBooster, we promise not to confuse you with dazzling show of technology. We will quite simply build an app that works for your business and your users, works for you 24X7 and protects all your business data. No jargon – No confusion.

Customized Web Applications

Businesses are unique and hence standard, off-the-shelf business applications do not suit most businesses.

At BizBooster, we will understand the DNA of your business, learn your core business objectives and build custom applications that fully satisfy your business requirements of today and the future.

We know that your organization looks for better outcomes from investments being made and your users look for better experience, interacting with your web app. We help you deliver all these and much more through our highly reliable customized web application development services.

Online Ordering and Order Management Systems
Customer Management Systems
Employee & Time Management Systems
Production Control Systems
Management Dashboards
Online Business Directories
Booking Applications

BizBooster Inventory

Inventory Management to keep track of your raw-material and finished goods stock
Hybrid application with web-based and app-based access
Bar-code and QR-code integration
Intuitive and user-friendly interface


Billing Management to track invoices and payments
Hybrid application with web-based and app-based access
SMS and Email integration for invoices
Full-featured mobile app with printer integration


We are passionate about web technologies and constantly keep an eye out for new technologies that make us more efficient. We favour open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL on Linux. We have a robust process for delivering high quality websites at an affordable price.

We’re a full service agency from concept development to hosting, so we’re with you the whole way and even after launch – building, testing and analysing your web application for success.


The effort and expertise invested in planning an engagement ultimately influences the outcomes of the project. Our Consulting team provides targeted services to help define your project, covering everything from business needs and resource requirements through to the solution, project planning and overall financial investment.


Every successful web application has an eye catching and functional user interface and we like to give every web application something unique. We can help define the strategy, clarify requirements and prepare the necessary documentation. We can advise on what’s popular, what works and what doesn’t and try out new ideas and concepts.


Developing prototypes is a cost effective way of developing proof-of-concept type web applications to understand the full impact of the new application. Using our development tools and libraries, we can very quickly build a visual web application which demonstrates key features and functions and also provides an opportunity to amend the final requirements to ensure that the software being developed is 100% fit for your business.


Using the latest technology, we develop the platforms and systems that will help you achieve a thoroughly modern, interactive, insightful and efficient way of working. We turn the base designs, planned processes and the prototype into a functioning web application. All our code is clean and clear, following the latest standards, using the most up to date languages and is search engine friendly, if the web application is public. The web application really comes to life with all your features and functionality.



We follow a Test-Driven Development Methodology with all the testing being carried out simultaneously with development. After a final end-to-end test for your approval, the web application is ready to launch. We move the application from the testing server to its own location. We will perform a bulk upload of any legacy data and initialize the web application for yout users. Additional services such as automatic backups, domain name integration, SSL security are also  implemented.


As technologies change, websites must be kept up to date with the latest security updates to prevent hackers and malware penetrating the code. With your business constantly evolving, so too must your web application. We are always at hand to deliver necessary changes to the web application based on changes in your business process or to accomodate new features to improve the effectiveness of the web application


Build a System that Grows with you 

Technology is developing rapidly. Put your business ahead of your competitors.